Commuting to work: RN travel time to employment in rural and urban areas

Purpose: To investigate the variation in average daily travel time to work among registered nurses (RNs) living in urban, suburban, and rural areas. We examine how travel time varies across RN characteristics, job setting, and availability of local employment opportunities. Method: Descriptive statistics and linear regression using a 5% sample from the 2000 Census and […]

What newly licensed registered nurses have to say about their first experiences?

To understand factors that promote retention of Newly Licensed Registered Nurses (NLRNs) and those that contribute to turnover, a survey of a national sample of NLRNs was conducted. This article describes the content analysis of 612 NLRN comments about their work life. Using Krippendorff’s technique, 5 themes were discovered. Colliding expectations describes conflicts between nurses’ […]

Verbal abuse from nurse colleagues and work environment of early career registered nurses

  This study examined relationships between verbal abuse from nurse colleagues and demographic characteristics, work attributes, and work attitudes of early career registered nurses (RNs). Design and Methods: Data are from the fourth wave of a national panel survey of early career RNs begun in 2006. The final analytic sample included 1,407 RNs. Descriptive statistics […]

Understanding new registered nurses’ intent to stay at their jobs

Nursing turnover is costly for health care organizations. Newly licensed registered nurses work behavior is a complex process, influenced by their attitudes toward their work, personal characteristics, job opportunities, and workplace attributes. Several characteristics are significant in predicting satisfaction (ethnicity, gender) and organizational commitment (patient load, mandatory overtime, shift, and unit type) and intent to […]

Stop the Revolving Door

 A high level of nurse turnover affects the stability and quality of patient care, as well as incurring reorientation and retraining costs. Author(s): Carol S. Brewer, University of Buffalo School of Nursing Primary Contact Person: Name: Carol S. Brewer Email: Complete Citation, if published: Brewer, C.S. (2012). Stop the revolving door. Nursing Standard, 27(10), […]

State mandatory overtime regulations and newly licensed nurses’ mandatory and voluntary overtime and total work hours

Description: Nurse overtime has been used to handle normal variations in patient census and to control chronic understaffing. By 2010, 16 states had regulations to limit nurse overtime. We examined mandatory overtime regulations and their association with mandatory and voluntary overtime and total hours worked by newly licensed registered nurses (NLRNs). For this secondary data […]

Predictors of RNs’ intent to work and decisions one year later in a U.S. national sample

Background: Many studies have examined predictors of nurses’ intention to work in their job, including desire to quit. Intent has been a good predictor of actual turnover. Few longitudinal studies exist that consider regional variables. Aim: To extend the conceptual framework of turnover research to the whole nursing workforce and determine: (1) how do demographics, […]