CNR Bylaws

Cathryne A. Welch Center for Nursing Research




The purpose of the Center for Nursing Research (CNR) shall be to advise the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of NYS Nurses, Inc. (BOT) of matters pertaining to nursing research and evidence based practice. These bylaws are consistent with the mission and bylaws of the Foundation and recommendations to the BOT are based upon CNR’s goal and objectives.



Section I. Name and address

The name of the organization shall be Cathryne A. Welch Center for Nursing Research (CNR), hereinafter known as “the organization” or “CNR” in this document.

Section 2. Change of name

Any time the organization desires to change its name, it must make a recommendation and obtain approval from the Foundation BOT.



Section 1. Mission Statement

The mission of the CNR is to advance excellence in health care through research and evidence based practice (EBP).

  1. To position the CNR to obtain resources to actualize its mission
  2. To catalyze innovation and inquiry through support of the research alliances and other entities that promote advancement of excellence in healthcare
  3. To provide stewardship for the on-going development of nurse-scientists

Section 2. Vision

The CNR as an arm of the Foundation of NY State Nurses is the premier organization in the State for promoting and supporting nursing research and evidence-based practice.

Section 3. Purpose

  1. Expand the human, technological and financial infrastructure that is currently available to support research;
  2. Facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders in the research endeavor to promote sharing of expertise, mentoring of novices, and coordination of resources in order to improve patient care;
  3. Create learning opportunities for nursing student and professional nurses to enhance their understanding of research and their ability to apply research findings to practice;
  4. Disseminate research findings and best evidence-based practices to members of the nursing profession and the community at large;
  5. Promote the use of research findings and evidence-based best practices to solve clinical problems and influence health care policy.



Section 1. Purpose

The proposed structural plan incorporates a leadership team and standing committees which support the mission of the CNR and, operationalize the purpose of the CNR through the work of the Leadership Team and committees.

Section 2. Accountability

The CNR is accountable to the BOT.

Section 3. Scope of work

  1. Provide a collegial forum for sharing nursing research among interested organizations and principals in NYS.
  2. Assist in collaborative efforts of the research alliances and other identified constituencies in New York State;
  3. Make recommendation to the BOT in support of the CNR mission;
  4. Serve as liaison between other professional constituencies in and outside New York State with an interest in nursing research and evidence based practice (EBP).



Section 1. Membership

  1. Membership is open to those who share an interest in nursing research and evidence based practice. Members may choose to join a committee or to remain as a member of the CNR only;
  2. Members will serve as liaison to their organization and facilitate communication between the CNR and the member’s organization.
  3. All members of the CNR enjoy equal status as full members without regard to their source of appointment.



Section 1. Annual meeting of membership

  1. An annual meeting of the membership will be held for the purpose of reviewing the strategic plan, announcement of officers and conducting any such business consistent with the mission, vision, and purpose of the organization.
  2. Notice of meetings will be mailed electronically to all members at their addresses as they appear in the roster at least 4 weeks before the scheduled date.

Section 2. Meetings of Leadership Team

The members of the Leadership Team (LT) shall meet regularly four (4) times per year at such date, time and place as determined by the chairperson in collaboration with the members.


ARTICLE VI. Leadership Team

Section 1. Officers

  1. The members of the LT of this organization shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Former Chair, Committee Representatives, BOT liaison and staff. The LT shall oversee the activities of the CNR to ensure these activities meet the purpose of the CNR and report to the BOT.


  1. Duties of Officers
    1. Chair:
      1. Oversees the activities of the CNR and leads meetings;
      2. Serves as a point of contact with external agencies and the CNR staff;
      3. Delegates work to members of the committees, as deemed necessary.
      4. Term of office shall be two (2) years.
    2. Vice Chairperson:
      1. Assumes role of Chair as needed;
      2. Serves as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee;
      3. Carries out activities delegated by the chair;
      4. Assumes role of Chair at the completion of two (2) year term.
    3. Immediate former Chair:
      1. Serve in an advisory position and assume activities delegated by the Chair as appropriate;
      2. Acts as the chair for Bylaws committee.
  1. Duty of Committee Representatives
    1. Represents the activities of their respective subcommittees


  1. Membership of the Leadership Team
    1. Members are representational and serve as conduits to their identified constituent groups, (including, but not limited to Regional Research Alliances, NYONEL-RC, ANA-New York, Magnet, STTI and ENRS);
    2. Representative members are selected by their constituent groups.
  2. Meetings
    1. The LT of this organization shall meet, as necessary, to conduct the business between meetings of the general membership.
    2. A quorum of the LT shall consist of three (3) members;
    3. Notices of meetings shall be mailed electronically to all members at their addresses as they appear on the roster, at least ten (10) days before the meeting scheduled date. .


Article VII. Committees

Section 1.  Scholarships, Awards and Appointments Committee

  1. Purpose

To make recommendations to the CNR regarding appointment of fellowships, recipients of scholarships and awards such as Research Fellows, Distinguished Nurse Researcher  (DNR), Rising Nurse Researcher (RNR), and Evidence Based Practice Award.  They also process applications and make recommendations regarding appointment to subcommittees.

Section 2. Dissemination Committee

  1. Purpose:

Facilitate dissemination of information about nursing research and EBP projects via the CNR website and other scholarly venues

Section 3. Strategic Planning

  1. Purpose:

To review update the strategic plan for the CNR on an annual basis.

Section 4. Bylaws

  1. Purpose:

Review and update the bylaws of the CNR every two (2) years.


Article VIII. Liaison to the BOT Development Committee

Section 1. Liaison to the BOT Development Committee

  1. Purpose:

A member from the CNR will serve on the Foundation Development Committee to report to, provide advice to, and communicate between these two groups.



Section 1. Frequency of elections

  1. Elections will be held every two (2) years prior to the annual meeting of the membership;
  2. A call for nominations will be issued by electronic mail to the membership 90 days before the annual meeting. The nominator must have the permission of the nominee to submit their name;
  3. An electronic ballot will be mailed to the membership electronically to the addresses on the roster 30 days prior to the annual meeting. Each member will have an equal vote. Voting will be open for two weeks;
  4. The winner of the election will be informed by the Research Specialist and announced to the membership at the annual meeting.



Section 1. Process

  1. A report will be sent to the BOT as requested for their meeting;
  2. The report will be generated by the Research Specialist with input from the LT, Executive Director and committees as necessary;


Section X!. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITYRobert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (latest edition) shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws or special rules of the organization.



draft 03.18.16, 5.3.16, 6.3.16, 11.10.16, 11.30.16, 3.23.17