Research Fellows

The Foundation of New York State Nurses’ Cathryne A. Welch Center for Nursing Research (CNR) offers the Nursing Research Fellowship program through sponsorship from  ANA-New York. The goals of the program are to increase understanding of the professional association and to prepare Fellows for involvement in research activities.

The program, which is up to three years long, consists of regular educational, research, and general association experiences. These activities include activities that allow for observation and/or participation in association research meetings and business. The research fellow attends all meetings of the Center for Nursing Research. One fellow is selected each year. Under special circumstances, an additional Fellow may be funded.

Each Fellow will select a  member of the CNR  to serve as his or her mentor. Travel expenses and overnight accommodations, as needed, will be provided by the Fellow’s funding source.

Center for Nursing Research Fellows


1996    Marueen Murray        


            Janet Smolowitz


1997    Ann Bove                   


            Anne Oboyski


1999    Kathleen Shedlock     


2000    Susan Chu Lai


2001    Mary Beth Holz


2003    Anne Cardinale          


Mintie Majar              


2004    Barbara W. Brown     


2005    Patrice Keegan           


2006    Terri Torsney              


2008    Toni Heer                   


2007    Chris Malmgreen        


2007    Connie Randolph       


2009    Christopher Kowal     


2010    Denise Famolaro        


2012    Melinda Barry            


2012 Linda D. Young            


2014    Jessica M. Jackson     


2015    Stephen Stewart    

2016    Kathleen Pecoraro